Dating Help for
Miss Mistake
You told him that on the first date? 
Are you really going to wear that?
How fast did he run out the door?

Dting Help for
Mr. Clueless
Helping men understand what woman find attractive in a man.  It is not all about the exterior package. 
Dating Profile Review
Style Consulting
What to Say
  1. Online Profile
    Does your profile reflect who you really are? Is it reaching the people you would like to meet? Let me perform a detailed review and make suggestions on how your profile could be improved.
  2. Wardrobe
    I am not suggesting you wear clothes that are not you. But do you always wear the wrong type of clothes. It could be too tight, too revealing, too out of style, or just plain ugly.
  3. Online Picture
    If a picture paints 1000 words, what is your picture saying about you? People may not even read your profile if your picture is sending the wrong message.
  4. Hair Style
    When is the last time you did something different with your hair? Men here is a freebie, are you sporting a comb over? Stop Now!! If it has been years since you changed your look it may be time.
  5. Be Honest
    It is important to be honest but on a first date you do not want to tell the person that you want to get married soon and have children.. It is not time to talk about your mom either. When you get to know someone and it is more serious those conversation will be appropriate. I can help you know what to wait to discuss.
  6. What I will do
    I will work closely with you in all these areas and anything else you need in the dating world. No topic is off limits. I will talk with you on the phone and via email. There is an initial consultation where we get to know each other. We will then set up a personal plan for you.